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Transport Modelling; GIS & CAD; Policies and Assessments.

We are an offshore Transportation Global Design Centre specialized in Transport Modelling; GIS & CAD; and Policies & Assessments with a focus on developing sustainable mobility solutions.

Our Global Design Centre has a team of highly qualified Transport Planners, Transport Modellers, Traffic Engineers, Urban Planners, GIS Experts and CAD & BIM Technicians.

About Us.

DC Transportation's offshore 'Global Design Centre' was established by Transport Planning Professionals with a vision to support Transport Professionals across the globe who are engaged in traffic engineering, transport modelling and mobility solutions. We leverage unique client insight, unrivalled industry experience and technical competencies to provide quality Transport modelling and other Transport Sub-Consultancy services to our clients.

Our senior management team have worked with transport planning professionals from many countries and have built solid relationships with leading planning agencies in the UK like Highways England, TfL and several local UK councils through the course of numerous scheme appraisals and policy drafting. We have worked on projects in the United States, European Union, Middle East, India and South Africa.

Our team is experienced in developing transport models using industry standard software like VISSIM , VISUM, LINSIG, Synchro, SIDRA, TRANSYT & SATURN along with the relevant GIS and CAD tools. We also have the expertise to appraise schemes using economic assessment tools like TUBA, QUADRO & COBALT, and to prepare material which forms the content of business case documents.

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Services Offered

Providing support & assistance to identify innovative and sustainable solutions for Transport Planning, Modelling, Mobility and Parking Challenges.

What We Do

Capacity Analysis And Junction Modelling

DC Transportation GDC’s expert staff will use standard.

Capacity Analysis And Junction Modelling

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Travel Demand Modelling & Forecasting

DC Transportation GDC has the expertise to develop.

Travel demand modelling & forecasting

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DC Transportation GDC’s team can follow standard industry.

Micro-simulation Services

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Trip Generation Analysis Using TRICS

We are registered subscribers to the Trip Rate Information.

Trip generation analysis using TRICS

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Economics & appraisal Services

Maximizing the contribution of a transport system.

Economics & appraisal Services

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Transport assessments & statements

Prepared in accordance with the appropriate planning.

Transport assessments & statements

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CAD & BIM Drawing

At DC Transportation GDC, our team of CAD technicians.

CAD & BIM Drawing services

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Parking & site- access evaluation

DC Transportation GDC can provide complete evaluation.

Parking & site- access evaluation

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Scoping notes & pre-planning documents

DC Transportation GDC can prepare a Scoping Note.

Scoping notes & pre-planning documents

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DC Transportation GDC can prepare a Scoping Note to accompany a Pre-application Enquiry.

The purpose of a Scoping Note is to introduce the development proposals to the Local Highway Authority and reach early agreement on the site access as well as the methodology proposed to prepare the Transport Assessment or Transport Statement.
This can include trip generation rates, trip distribution and geographical scope of the junction assessments.

  • Preparation of Scoping Notes to accompany Pre-Planning documents
  • Drafting methodologies to be used in Transport Assessments
  • Identifying the extent of the study area for which modelling needs to be done


Capacity Assessments may be requested by the Transport Authority when they deem impacts from a development to be significant. DC Transportation GDC’s expert staff will use the following industry standard software for junction modelling:

  • Junctions 9 PICADY Module (TRL) for major/minor priority junctions
  • Junctions 9 ARCADY Module (TRL) or (SIDRA) for non-signalized roundabouts
  • LINSIG (JCT) or TRANSYT(TRL) or SYNCHRO (Trafficware) for isolated/linked signalized junctions, signalized roundabouts and small networks.
  • HIGHWAY CAPACITY SOFTWARE (HCS) for freeways, mainlines, ramp merge and diverge areas


DC Transportation GDC’s team can follow standard industry techniques to develop micro-simulation models (VISSIM/PARAMICS/AIMSUN) to help you visually demonstrate the effectiveness of transport improvements to Local and Regional bodies.
Almost any conceivable highway network can be modelled, including priority junctions, signalized junctions, roundabouts, and option testing for real time traffic management or development site access strategies.
The outputs from the models can be in traditional measures of queues and delay but can also be in the form of real-time 3D animated videos which are an effective and convenient way of demonstrating the future operation of a road network at planning committees and public consultations.

  • Development and application of micro-simulation models in VISSIM and PARAMICS
  • Base Model development
  • Calibration and Validation of Journey times and Queues
  • Forecast Models
  • 3D Animated Videos


We are registered subscribers to the Trip Rate Information Computer System (TRICS) and our highly qualified staff can use this database to calculate information required for Transport Statements and Assessments.
If you have been asked to provide trip generation potential of your proposed development, we can help.

  • Estimation of development related trips using TRICS database
  • Computation of passer-by and diverted trips for clustered land uses
  • Interpretation of trip generation and preparation of Transport Statements


At DC Transportation GDC our team of CAD and BIM experts can undertake any type of work. We deliver value added service through excellent project management skills and highly experienced individuals
Engineering CAD Services:

  • CAD Conversion Services
  • 3D CAD Modelling
  • 2D Drafting Services
  • 3D Visualisation Shop Drawings
BIM Services
  • BIM Consulting Services
  • 3D BIM Modelling
  • Construction Scheduling Quantity Estimation
  • (5D) Point Cloud to BIM Revit Family Creation
Highway CAD services

GIS Services

With our in-house GIS experts, DC Transportation GDC can assist Transport Planners & Highway Engineers for creation of:
  • Parking Occupancy and Demand Representation
  • Pedestrian and Non-Motorized User Movement
  • Asset Management Services
  • Pavement & Bridge management
  • Safety management services
  • Transportation system management (TSM)
  • Preparation of inputs for Travel demand forecasting
  • Management of Corridor preservation and right-of-way services
  • Hazardous cargo routing services
  • Overweight/oversize vehicles permit routing
  • Performance of Accident analysis
  • Inputs for Environment impact Assessment
  • Land side economic impact and value-capture analysis and Others.


DC Transportation GDC has the expertise to develop strategic transport models (SATURN, VISUM, EMME) for small and wider areas. Our expert team can develop base year strategic models and calibrate and validate them to WebTAG and other industry standard guidelines.
These models can then be used to forecast future traffic on the network. We can have the capability to carry our variable demand modeling (DIADEM) to capture the effects of model form and choice responses, and evaluate elasticities associated with the model.

  • Development and application of strategic models using SATURN and VISUM
  • Base year model development and Calibration and Validation to WebTAG guidelines
  • Forecast Models consistent with TEMPRO growth factors
  • Variable Demand Modelling with DIADEM


Prepared in accordance with the appropriate planning practice guidance, and taking into account any local authority specific requirements, DC Transportation provides a full and in-depth assessment of the highways and transport implications of development proposals tailored to meet the client requirements.

Reflecting the scale of development proposed, we provide a thorough review of pertinent transport policies at National, Regional and Local level, analysis of baseline conditions, together with details of the proposed development.
This will include a thorough assessment of the person trips generated by the site and the impact of these on the surrounding highway and transport networks.

  • In-depth assessment of the transport implications of development proposals
  • Thorough review of pertinent transport policies at National, Regional and Local level
  • Analysis of baseline conditions, and future conditions, along with details of the proposed development
  • Evaluation of the person trips generated by the site and the impact of these on the surrounding highway and transport networks


DC Transportation GDC can complete evaluation of your development site to determine parking requirements and other site ingress egress circulation improvements.

If you are considering promoting a new development or wish to investigate a development on an existing site, our in house team can advise on whether the geometry of the access complies with current standards and identify and design the improvements necessary to bring it up to the correct level to allow for additional vehicular use.

We can evaluate the parking requirements and provide a layout based on standard guidelines. Our CAD team can also perform a SWEPT PATH ANALYSIS to determine the implications of additional slowing and turning movements on the highway at the access point and whether there are local or national policy restrictions that would make the principle of additional traffic difficult.

  • Expert opinion on evaluation of site access restrictions for allowable movements
  • SWEPT PATH analysis to determine suitability of existing layouts to accommodate turning movements of heavy vehicles
  • Parking demand, occupancy and profile computations
  • Evaluation of parking lot design and ways to improve circulation


Maximizing the contribution of a transport system requires an understanding of both strategic objectives and technical details, especially the umbrella of benefits and costs that arise from investments and other initiatives.

If you are looking to carry out economic appraisal for any scheme improvement or trying to compare the benefits of different transport improvement options, our highly skilled staff at DC Transportation GDC can apply their deep experience in travel forecasting and transport economics to help you prepare business case supporting documents like Scheme Appraisal Reports (SAR) and Strategic Outline for Business Case (SOBC) documents.
We have the capabilities to derive benefits from a wide range of economic appraisal tools like TUBA, QUADRO, COBALT and MYRIAD.

  • Transport Users Benefit Assessment (TUBA)
  • Accident Benefits (CoBALT)
  • Queues and Delays due to roadworks (QUADRO)
  • Journey time Reliability Impacts (MYRIAD)
  • Wider Economic Benefits (WEBs)
  • Social and Distributional Impacts (SDI’s)
  • Scheme Appraisal Reports
  • Business Case Documents

Our Vision

To be a Premier Global Brand providing region-specific, sustainable mobility solutions – admired for our expertise, technology and performance.

Our Mission

To become an indispensable partner for the Global Transportation Industry by providing data, design, advisory and technology solutions and thereby making a positive impact on the everyday lives of people across the planet.

To build positive work environments across the globe that creates rural employment, encourages employee development, promotes equal opportunities and ultimately enables our employees and their families to prosper.

  • Integrity - We are committed, honest and transparent. We build trust through responsible actions and genuine relationships.
  • Teamwork - We achieve greatness by working together with our customers, partners, and coworkers; by empowering each other.
  • Passion - We are motivated by new challenges and convert them into opportunities to learn and develop.
  • Innovation - We encourage thoughtful, creative and inspirational ideas.
  • Accountability - We empower each other to take ownership of our decisions and actions.
  • Excellence - We constantly raise our standards in the pursuit of perfection.

Why Choose GDC.

Why Work With Us.

We ensure sound design and compliance throughout a project’s lifespan from inception to completion.

Offshoring - cost effective solutions without compromising on quality

Extensive planning and design knowledge.

At DC Global Design Centre, we have extensive planning and design knowledge required to handle the most complex transportation challenges. Our ability to understand the market and network with professionals helps us to build a strong client base while maintaining quality resources to deliver our projects.

About Us
We combine engineering excellence with sound reasoning.

Our aim is to contribute positively to the community by combining engineering excellence with sound reasoning to tackle complex transportation challenges and develop ethical and sustainable solutions.

Our Services
Our highly skilled transport planning team.

DC Global Design Centre solves complex transport problems by combining engineering principles, industry expertise and analytical reasoning. We identify transport needs and undertake complex technical assessments to complete planning and pre-feasibility investigations.

Our highly skilled transport planning team combines strategic thinking along with modelling expertise to support robust decision making, which forms the evidence base to support business cases for development.

Our Team

We understand the market and recognise the pressures on developers and consultants.
We are confident that our prices will suit your budget. Please contact us!

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